Leaf Farm for Anysoft

Large leaf farm with text logo
Leaf Farm is a plugin for rapidly developing applications for marijuana dispensaries.

Leaf Farm is designed so non-technical dispensary owners and employees can add and edit content, menus, prices, and news/blog stories. Content can be managed locally, from the web app itself, or through popular dispensary applications such as Leafly (which is what the current demos use), Weedmaps, or Medical Marijuana Menus. 

If you are sending your customers to one of these services to view your menu, you are exposing your customers to your competitors every time they shop. Your own domain is both much more professional and eliminates the problem of giving your competition free customers. 

Ecommerce features are available, allowing any dispensary to instantly start taking online orders and payments with credit cards. 

Leaf Farm apps, optionally, also include patient/customer tracking, so you can keep in touch with your customers between actual, commercial transactions. 

*Denver Relief is in no way affiliated with Anysoft or Leaf Farm. This is merely test data from Leafly.
Live at: http://leaffarm-demo.herokuapp.com/
Github 7898110808edb63a715e399ebd3c9bd0281520c5e404a8820f91abffdd7da7e6 On Github at: jessethebuilder/leaf_farm

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