Anysoft Logo Projects

Website for Sparket R&R

This is a full-featured Ruby on Rails site with different levels of user authentication, a customization menu, advanced connectivity to social networking, and a custom calendar. Many features are editable by non-technical staff.  

Wolbachia Map for

This was an existing Ruby on Rails 3 application that we made some upgrade to. We did work on both the Rails back end, and upgraded some JavaScript for the user interface. 

Website for Link Roofing

This is a basic Squarespace site for Link Roofing in Port Angeles, WA. It is designed to be visually appealing, but simple, and to rank well among local web searches. 

Green Chinese for Anysoft

Green Chinese is a demo site we built with Squarespace. This is a design project, which we hope will be adopted, in some version, by a real restaurant in the near future.  

Ormeus for Immedia Creative

A WordPress build that we contributed to by building a custom Plugin that connects with a remote API to enroll and track new users. 
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To Heroku for Matt Emmerich

Bidding Website for Barn Burn

We work on many aspects of this WordPress site, from core PHP/MySQL programming to user interface functionality.

Weeds for Anysoft

A demo application for the legal marijuana industry, with an online ordering feature. 
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SquareSpace Site for Lele Rose

Lele wanted a single page, with a VERY minimalist design that featured tour dates, videos, and a sign-up form for fans. She provided the background, and we designed the rest. 

The site is built with SquareSpace, so upcoming eCommerce features will be very easy to add and manage for Lele's management staff. 

Website for Bar N9NE

A simple website that we built with SquareSpace for Bar Nine in Port Angeles, WA.

SquareSpace allows us to build very good-looking, responsive web sites inexpensively. SquareSpace is also a very broad platform that allows us to build on it, and develop advanced features, when necessary.

Weebly Plugin for Podomatic

We build 4 plug-ins designed to integrate Podomatic pod casts, and a player, into Weebly.

Built without any libraries (like JQuery, Underscore, or AngularJS), all 4 plug-ins are mobile-ready (responsive) and utilize asynchronous JavaScript (Like Angular) to pull raw data from Podomatic's API very quickly.

Integrates seamlessly with Weebly, and uses Weebly drag-and-drop interface for settings and positioning on the page.

Yeager Office Suites for Cedar Waters

This is a multi-site leasing application built with WordPress. Tasks were varied, including generating complex accounting reports and contributing to an e-commerce feature. 

This project included a lot of very deep PHP and the WordPress flavor of PHP work. There have been many contributors to this site, and we were able to jump in and be productive right away.

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Web Parser/Scraper for WBCA

A web parser to scrape tournament results from an HTML page, which was an irregular, 2-dimensional representation of tournament results. First, we output the raw data as JSON. We then parsed the JSON to generate a mobile-ready, un-styled (though well-formatted) HTML5 page. 

Parses all tournaments and brackets, following these steps: 

  1. An Index of Tournaments.
  2. Multiple brackets
  3. A 2d representation of tournament results.
  4. The Output.

Leaf Farm for Anysoft

Leaf Farm is a plugin for rapidly developing applications for marijuana dispensaries.

Leaf Farm is designed so non-technical dispensary owners and employees can add and edit content, menus, prices, and news/blog stories. Content can be managed locally, from the web app itself, or through popular dispensary applications such as Leafly (which is what the current demos use), Weedmaps, or Medical Marijuana Menus. 

If you are sending your customers to one of these services to view your menu, you are exposing your customers to your competitors every time they shop. Your own domain is both much more professional and eliminates the problem of giving your competition free customers. 

Ecommerce features are available, allowing any dispensary to instantly start taking online orders and payments with credit cards. 

Leaf Farm apps, optionally, also include patient/customer tracking, so you can keep in touch with your customers between actual, commercial transactions. 

*Denver Relief is in no way affiliated with Anysoft or Leaf Farm. This is merely test data from Leafly.

Website for Ocean Boatworks

A simple website, which we did for the $599 special. This site was built with WordPress, and many features and content is upgradeable by the business owner and/or his staff.  

Website for

We worked as a consultant on this site, adding some custom functionality to interact with a API to lookup shipping cost options, and serve those back to the browser for the user to select. 

Website for Sequim Gym

Sequim is a very robust website, with many features including:

  • An on-line appointment request system.
  • E-commerce features for purchasing classes and workshops.
  • On-line, interactive schedules.
  • Self-building PDF schedules.
  • User provided testimonials.
  • Automatic emailings. 
  • Automatic pushes to Facebook.

Player for New City Media

New City Media contracted us to build this multi purpose media/message player. This demo utilizes 5 different JSON Apis, and is built with AngularJS. The demo is a bit busy, and shows more features than any particular real player would show. The demo does illustrate multiple, separate data feeds in a single application. 

Website for Motorgroup

Motorgroup LLC is a custom/luxury/performance automobile dealer Scottsdale, AZ. This is a Ruby on Rails site with many advanced features. The car data itself is maintained and held by a 3rd Party vendor that specializes in managing data for auto dealers (V12). 

The design for the site was also done by a 3rd Party (Tether, LLC), and implemented and made mobile-ready by Anysoft. 

Image Gallery for Anysoft

A simple administrator View for handling multiple Images.
Small facebook profile4 for Sequim Gym

This is a Wordpress site that is has recently sun-downed and has been partially merged with the project at  . We took over on this project after it began, but all of the eCommerce features, and the Appointment Request features were custom built in PHP, by Anysoft.

Some of the features, such as the appointment request feature, have been ported to the Sequim Gym Website project, and are still live there.